Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Page For Breandan Epaphroditos

Dear Diary,

As always and before...
I stand two-footed,
One on love, another on hate...

There it was my empty seat...
Its got a company too,
It is called my empty heart...

Behind the brutal anger, it was a blush,
I am sorry,
I really didn't want to be teased...

I was stealing glances at your stares...
'coz when I stare back,
You'll turn to the window,

Yesterday I heard the girls,
Discussing about us,
Making hypothetical conclusions...

I cheered for your tug of war,
It won't be the same when next year comes,
You'll be staring at another girl next to you...

I will miss the silly pretences,
The glances bumping,
And you.

Love, The 10 years old Me


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